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Dab radio antenna

I believe the shark fin antenna is the Band III antenna that we use in the UK for the DAB signal. There is the short whip aerial on the wingand another DAB L Band/FM aerial in the rear bumper. The wing aerial and the bumper aerial (both amplified) go into the Diversity amp and then to the Head Unit.

All is good, except the DAB radio cuts out every 2-3 mins. Having read previous threads on here and other sites it seems that I require a software update. I have spoken with the seller who advises they do have STAR machine, but have no idea how to make the update. They are not a MB specialist, just a general car dealer with a small workshop.

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I've been happily listening to DAB radio in my 2013 A4 Avant 1.8 TFSI Black edition for years now perfectly well, but just recently over he last couple of months the signal has deteriorated through broken reception to the point now when the channels have all but disappeared completely. ... For reference the DAB antenna module is on the right.

This type of antenna is directional and best results will be obtained when it is correctly oriented toward the transmitting location. For example, if the transmission tower is to the north, then the two ends of the antenna (with the tabs) should be stretched toward west and east. Do not connect two FM antennas simultaneously. If you are unable.

Rating: £99.99. Add to Cart. Kenwood DAB A1/ DAB AT1 - Glass Mount Car Stereo Radio DAB Digital Aerial Antenna SMB. OMNITRONIC TUNA-NET 19" Internet Radio with DAB+ and Bluetooth . Stock for approx. 12 wk (s) 215,00 €. add to cart. Find a dealer. List price.

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